”90% of startups fail, and too often it has nothing to do with the quality of their offering. I believe we can do better. Founders succeed when they receive adequate education, connections, and a little help.“

Gregory Shepard, CEO of StartupScience.IO

Trusted By:
UC San Diego
Fullbright Canada
Stanford University
Alacrity Canada
Trusted By:
UC San Diego
Fullbright Canada
Stanford University
Alacrity Canada
Trusted By:
UC San Diego
Fullbright Canada
Stanford University
Alacrity Canada

Our Mission

We are here to help startups design their success, one founder at a time. Why?  Because thousands of innovative ideas and products never see the light of day, and would-be innovators are often forced to dilute their talents working for large, established corporations that are risk averse and don't have the agility to launch disruptive technologies.

StartupScience.IO started with researching why, how, and when startups fail. In the process, we conducted 1,200 interviews and spent months analyzing the results.

What we learned is that founders keep making the same easily avoidable mistakes, and these mistakes primarily center around lack of industry connections, fundamental knowledge, and funding.

Accelerators are designed to help startups solve these problems, but only 2% of startups that apply are accepted, 60% of which are rejected due to lack of knowledge among founders.

Furthermore, 70% of the startups that are accepted come through referrals. What’s the takeaway? If a founder does not have connections or foundational knowledge, their chances of success are slim.  

With Gravity and the StartupScience.IO framework, founders are given step-by-step guidance, education, tools and resources that can dramatically increase their chances of success.

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Our Team

Greg Shepard, CEO team photo

Gregory Shepard, CEO

“Visionary Leader, Connector, and our very own Leeroy Jenkins”

Ted X Speaker
Forbes Books Radio Host
Forbes Technology Council Member
4 private equity awards
12 successful exits
15 investments
One billion plus in transactions
Photo of Jeremy Gordon, Product

Jeremy Gordon, Product

”Flies F-16s and other stuff you've never heard of. Excellence is the only acceptable outcome.“

Photo of Gary Horn, Operations

Gary Horn, Operations

”Problem solver, efficiency creator, and master of riddles.“

Photo of Tomas Olsson, Advisor

Tomas Olsson,  Advisor

”Big brain, big smile. Senpai.“

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