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A Free Event for Startup Accelerators, Incubators, Universities, and Assistance Programs

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Learn why 90% of startups fail & save the founders you support from making the same mistakes. 


You don't need to take a "Spray-and-Pray" approach to investing and assume only a few of the startups you back will be successful. you CAN create consistently high rates of success for the startups in your portfolio - with the right knowledge.

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Become the accelerator that reliably grows thriving businesses.

Learn the five primary reasons why startups fail, and how to help the startups you invest in avoid the same fate.

In just one hour you'll get an insider's view into

Why so many founding teams are full of ideas but unable to build a core product, and what they need to solve this problem.

The power of setting realistic goals, even under the constant pressure of sky-high unicorn projections.

Why founders need to know their exit strategy before they begin (even though 95% don’t think about it.)

The surprising reason most startups run out of cash.

What many startups get wrong when it comes to something as seemingly simple as identifying a target market.

What even the pros don't know about the dangers of overvaluation

And more...

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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Gregory Shepard. I’ve successfully built and sold 12 businesses in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech and MarTech, despite growing up in poverty and being neurodivergent.

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My neurodivergent mind allows me to see patterns and connections in data that others might miss. After studying 1200 founders, I noticed that they kept making the same mistakes that led to failure, no matter how brilliant or talented they were - or how innovative their ideas were.


Just like you, I believe in the world-changing power of startups and want more passionate and creative founders to succeed. That’s why I team up with startup assistance programs, accelerators and incubators to teach these formulas for success. 


With this knowledge, you won’t be making wild gambles on startups anymore. You’ll give the companies you invest in the tools and strategies they need to reliably grow and thrive.


The on hour event happens live on DATE 





Stop Playing The Numbers Game

Without this knowledge, there's a good chance 90% of the startups you back will fail.

It’s not just that growing a business is tough - it’s that they are missing crucial knowledge and falling at the same hurdles every time.


It doesn’t have to be that way!


Help them avoid the biggest mistakes and you’ll consistently grow successful startups, no matter the industry or experience level of your founders.

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