A Single Platform for Training and Managing Your Founders

Gravity provides founders with useful tools & resources, mini-courses, and a proven approach for growing their businesses while offering program managers, mentors and advisors a unified interface for analyzing progress & performance.

Educate founders, manage tasks, and track startup progress & performance.

Trusted By:
UC San Diego
Fullbright Canada
Stanford University
Alacrity Canada
Trusted By:
UC San Diego
Fullbright Canada
Stanford University
Alacrity Canada
Trusted By:
UC San Diego
Fullbright Canada
Stanford University
Alacrity Canada

Powerful Features for Innovation Leadership

Simplify Management

Save time so you can focus more expertise toward specialized assistance. With Gravity, all of your management tools are in one place. Replace multiple software systems, reduce costs, and manage more startups in less time.

Program Manager Benefits:

  • Custom brand Gravity with your logo & colors
  • Track startup progress & performance
  • Quickly determine when and where assistance resources are most needed
  • Keep founders accountable and on task
  • Manage founder, mentor & investor relationships
  • Search, organize, and manage members & roles
  • Curate and assign course collections
  • Record and review startup details & financials
  • Increase efficiencies and free up resources
  • Improve stakeholder communication & engagement
  • Get 10% revenue share on founder tools purchases

“I was joining just to see if I should recommend to my members but after the courses and discussion I’ve decided to participate and am already getting value personally”

Five Star Review

Lloyd Reshard Sr. , Board Chair, Kukua Institute

Schedule a demo and see why Gravity is used by some of the most respected startup assistance programs in the world.

Level-Up Mentorship

Mentors are often forced to spend time that should be used for discussing strategy and execution to educate founders about startup basics. Gravity's Academy educates founders on the fundamentals, resulting in better understanding of mentor instruction, more confident communication, and greater effectiveness in execution.

Additional Benefits for Mentors:

  • Improved predictability and determination of founder readiness
  • Advanced tools for managing and tracking progress across multiple mentee relationships & startups
  • Ability to assign coursework and other resources
  • Integrated messaging for keeping conversations between stakeholders recorded and organized.
  • More time for meaningful engagements with founders

“While Mentoring senior entrepreneurs, my fellow EIR’s and I always notice gaps in basic entrepreneurial education, which often holds them back from achieving their goals. Hence, we recommend every entrepreneur, however experienced or qualified, to go through the StartupScience.IO system and make their foundation rock solid.”

Five Star Review

KC Chaudhuri, Founder & EIR, Pitch Global

Schedule a demo and see why Gravity is used by some of the most respected Startup Assistance Programs in the world.

De-Risk Investment

In 2023, 3,200 venture-backed startups failed, destroying $27B in capital. Gravity provides investors with a powerful tool for vetting opportunities while offering extra assurances that the founders will have the education and resources they need to succeed.

Benefits for Investors:

  • Instant access to startup profiles with consistently formatted company information, including team member bios, startup lifecycle phase, performance data, industry & vertical, revenue model, customer model, product summaries & demos, market research, ICPs, user stories & buyer personas, competitive advantages, funding history, pitch decks, and more.
  • The ability to pro-actively search for ideal opportunities based on a wide variety of parameters. Save and compare opportunities while tracking progress on prospective deals. No more missing information. No more spreadsheets for the initial vetting phase.
  • Integrated messaging for keeping conversations between stakeholders recorded and organized.

“The team systems and the processes around them were instrumental in driving the business to a liquidity event within 12 months.”

Five Star Review

- David Chapman, Starter Fluid

Schedule a demo and see why Gravity is used by some of the most respected Startup Assistance Programs in the world.

Founder Benefits

Give founders what they need to understand and accomplish more independently. Gravity offers education, guidance, and a reliable structure & methodology for achieving crucial milestones within the startup journey.

Benefits to Founders Include:

  • Startup profile for sharing key data with investors
  • Microlearning courses on startup fundamentals
  • Intro to BOSS methodology & best practices
  • Increased founder competency & confidence
  • More accurate market research & financials
  • Improved team cohesion & communication
  • Access to discounts on hundreds of software applications & services for entity formation, accounting, operations, customer relations, management, etc.
  • Searchable database of 200,000 investors
  • Daily updates on pitch events & competitions
Screenshot of Startup Profile

The Academy: A Business-Building Education for Your Founders

Give founders access to a library of microlearning courses that familiarize them with startup basics. Assign relevant content based on startup lifecycle phase, founder experience level, or topic. Gravity provides world-class practical education delivered on-demand through each stage of the startup journey.

In the Academy, some of the topics covered include:

  • Why startups fail and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Establishing a product vision and assessing viability
  • Business setup, structure, ownership & accounting
  • How to conduct accurate market research
  • Defining competitive advantages & differentiators
  • Developing buyer personas & user stories
  • Identifying ideal customers and acquirers
  • Types of funding and how they work
  • How to pitch and speak with investors
  • Creating scalable and adaptive systems
  • Making data-driven operational decisions
  • Creating a healthy and purposeful company culture
  • Understanding valuation and acquisition types
The Academy teaches founders core startup fundamentals in order to facilitate more productive collaboration with team members, mentors and advisors. It is not intended as a substitute for existing counsel or curriculum, but offers foundational learning upon which more complex knowledge can be built.
Years of Research
Expert Interviews
Research Papers
Case Studies

Built on a Proven System

After $500,000+ of research following thousands of founders, the evidence is clear. Founders keep making the same mistakes. That's why we developed the StartupScience.IO framework.

Built on decades of successful entrepreneurship resulting in dozens of successful exits, this system is designed to reduce risk and create more reliable outcomes by providing straightforward guidance for achieving startup success.

“The system brings clarity of purpose, practical planning, rigorous execution and continuous improvement… I would recommend it for leaders at every level.”

Five Star Review

- Scott Tait, UCSD Innovation Catalyst

“The methodology StartupScience.IO uses has created influential programs that truly reveal the essential steps for startup founders and new business leaders to proceed with the right actions, in the right order.”

Five Star Review

- Hanne Nuutinen, Mentor, Director

BOSS Lifecycle Phase Infographic
This system does not replace, constrain, or contradict other methodologies. Instead, it provides context, continuity and clarity while presenting optional best practices that can be easily incorporated into any any existing approach.
Based on a 7 phase startup lifecycle, the StartupScience.IO framework provides founders with a flexible system for structuring, growing and scaling their businesses with maximum efficiency and a minimum rate of failure.
With guidance provided through the Gravity platform, program managers and founders know exactly which phase of the journey they are in, how to avoid common pitfalls, and what they should be working on next to meet both short term and long term goals.
Discover how the Startup Science framework helps founders chart a deliberate course towards a lucrative exit.  
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Who's Using Gravity?
Government Organizations

Packed with Useful Tools & Features

Program Management Tools & Features

Mentor & Investor Assignments

Easily connect mentors and investors to founders for direct communication and improved collaboration.

Academy Customization

Curate your own course collections. Choose from a wide variety content and customize coursework to match the unique needs of your cohort.

Messaging & Announcements

Start private individual or group message threads. Make announcements to a select group or broadcast to your entire portal.

Define User Roles

Designate users as owners, founders, managers, investors or mentors. Provide access to unique features specific to each role.

Custom User Tags

Create any tags you wish and apply them to users. Filter by tags and apply bulk actions such as mentor/investor assignments.

Task Management

Create tasks for groups or individuals. Manage all assignments from a single page. Clarify task details with integrated two-way messaging.

Startup Assistance Tools for Founders
Upgrade Gravity to provide founders with access to all tools, or earn a 10% revenue share on their in-platform purchases.


Searches 200,000 investors, providing startups with ideal matches based on user-defined criteria.


Instantly calculates key market sizing metrics of TAM, SAM and SOM with real-time, world-wide market data.


Provides access to more than $1M USD in savings on 200+ business software applications and services.


Uses real-time, worldwide market data to automatically identify competitors.


Identifies potential partners from a database of 2.5M companies worldwide.


Searches potential acquirers based on alignment of historical acquisitions and other criteria.


Provides access to more than 6,000 grant opportunities at the federal, state and city level.


Finds grant writers, editors and consultants for securing non-dilutive funding.


Delivers online and in-person pitch competitions, with daily updates of worldwide events.

Learn more about how Gravity can assist with management and support founders.
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Learn MoreSchedule a Demo

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