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Build Your Buyer Personas

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

What makes your customers tick? Are they coming to your company because of a mistyped Google search or because they’ve dedicated themselves to your brand and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else? These differences matter to you. They inform everything from your product features to your marketing to your sales.

But getting into the psyche of potential customers takes some work. How they came across your company is just the beginning. You need to dig into their motivation, what they care about, and what will make them satisfied with your product and services. Basically, you need to get a little personal.

This is where BOSS Academy’s Buyer Persona process comes into play. Using our proven, evidence-based techniques, you’ll be walked through questions that detail your customers’ priorities, influences, information sources, and metrics of success. For startups needing efficient, resource-saving support, the process will merge your Buyer Personas into one unified persona reflecting a majority of your market.

After responding, you’ll receive a formatted Buyer Persona that can inform your company’s decision roadmap and help customers journey from potential buyer to brand-loyal repeat buyer.



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