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Startup science & Peachscore are partnering to bring you the Startup Science Visionaries Platform. For Free.

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Everything Founders Need to Navigate the Startup Lifecycle

90% of startups fail, and it doesn't have to be that way. We understand how, when, and why startups fail and provide the knowledge and tools to succeed.

With Visionaries you can:

Create a shareable company profile with defensible data points that allows you to clearly communicate who your company is and why your product is valuable.

Discover the power of setting realistic goals, even under the constant pressure of sky-high unicorn projections.

Learn why founders need to know their exit strategy before they begin (even though 95% don’t think about it.)

Get access to tools like InvestorMatch, MarketSizer, and Ecosystem Builder.

Learn how to identify your target market and create Ideal Customer Profiles.

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Our Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Gregory Shepard. I’ve successfully built and sold 12 businesses in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech and MarTech, despite growing up in poverty and being neurodivergent.

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My neurodivergent mind allows me to see patterns and connections in data that others might miss. After studying 1200 founders, I noticed that they kept making the same mistakes that led to failure, no matter how brilliant or talented they were - or how innovative their ideas were.


Just like you, I believe in the world-changing power of startups and want more passionate and creative founders to succeed. That’s why I created Startup Science and the Visionaries Platform.


I wanted to give founders the tools and strategies they need to reliably grow and thrive.

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