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Join the Startup Science mIssion to help founders succeed, by consolidating the startup ecosystem with world class data, resources, education, and seamlessly integrated software


Partner with Startup Science
and get exposed to thousands of founders

Why partner with Startup Science?

We bring you new customers! We have thousands of early-stage founders seeking solutions to the problems you solve. Help us help them!
Why Join

Each month founders have hundreds of decisions, many are choosing technology or service solutions. Through our research we know that many founders fail as a result of doing the right thing at the wrong time! We put you in front of the right customer at the right time! 

How does it work

Submit the application below and our team will compare features, usability & costs. Then we’ll test, check reviews, and finally engage our Industry Advisory Board. Dependent on capabilities and feature set we can fit you into our Service Directory, App Store or work on a seamless integration.

Marketing Partners

If you have an audience we are always looking for exposure to Accelerators, incubators, and other startup assistance programs and are open to most models. Please submit the application and lists talk. 


Who should apply

We welcome any solution that helps startups. Law firms, accountants, software tools and subject matter expert consultants. Simply put if you have something that helps a startup and we would love to talk. 

What's the cost

We provide our partners with low customer acquisition costs, founders, and offer a wide range of models from paid placement to revenue share. Our focus is solving problems FIRST and revenue LAST so, some options cost zero.

Startup Discounts

We offer a list of credits and savings without the platform with the objective of providing founders with some non-dilutive funding for services and technologies they need. Instead of paying for advertising give the money to founders! If you are a provider and would like new customers at no cost just offer them a discount and well list you at no cost.  

Apply to become a Startup Science Partner


Thanks for submitting!

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