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Wealth is not a purpose, it's an outcome.

Brilliant minds solve emerging problems with innovative solutions but they need strategic guidance.


BOSS Startup Science is a Proven Formula for Building and Exiting Your Startup


Matthew Lawson

Technology investor and Former Executive Director and Chief Financial of Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels, Limited

“Wow! To say I was impressed when Greg stepped me through his BOSS system for managing start ups is an understatement. I study systems and processes on the path to continual improvement in my own areas of responsibility, yet the BOSS system is more comprehensive and thoughtful than anything I have seen before it.  Greg has thought of every permutation and prepared for it. It is the culmination of his life’s work.”


Getting Started

The BOSS Vision Matrix

It all starts with a vision. That’s why BOSS Startup Science developed the BOSS Vision Matrix. Now you can align your vision to market conditions ensuring your target customers and potential acquirers are aligned.


Validate Your Vision

Year 1

Make your vision a reality by joining the BOSS Startup Science community. Fast-track your startup by gaining access to mentors, investors, and countless other resources. You'll graduate the accelerator with an exit strategy, product requirements, use of funds strategy, and pitch deck - everything you need to raise your Pre-Seed round!

Year 2

Validate Your Product

Now you need a product! With your pre-seed money raised, you can finally bring your vision to life with a Minimal Viable Product proof-of-concept. With a single user within your Ideal Customer Profile, you're ready to raise your Seed round! 


Validate Your Go-to-Market

Year 3

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Your product works and you need to bring it to market. Develop your GTM plan and build your ideal team around it to reach your ideal customers. You will need to validate your revenue model and your customer acquisition costs. Once you’ve reached revenue with a critical-mass of in-ICP customers, you're ready to raise your Series-Seed round!

Year 4

Validate Your Go-to-Market

Customer Retention & Lifetime Value

Delight your customers with efficient implementation & onboarding, and provide world-class support to retain your in-ICP customers. You'll now have your metric to unlock growth - CAC:LTV. This growth ROI metric is essential to accurately determine use of funds in your most critical stage of maturity.


Validate Your Acquirer

Year 5

Exit Strategy Realization

You have been working on collaborating with your potential acquirers since you launched your Go-to-Market. Now it's time to ensure you have the three levels of acquirer validation: Technology, Customer, and Culture. Congrats, you can exit!

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